Aaron Fairchild, Chairman and CEO of G2B Holdings:

Aaron began in residential construction in 1988 and has since worked in real estate and real estate finance in several capacities. Aaron is a third generation lender and entrepreneur who has a deep understanding of residential and commercial finance, residential construction, and energy efficiency. Aaron has been working within the Seattle community over the past five years to help create energy efficiency programs and consumer financing solutions for existing buildings. He serves on Seattle’s Green Building Task Force, is a member of NW Business Leaders for Climate Solutions, and a recent partner at Social Venture Partners. Additionally, Aaron managed construction sites in Gabon, Central Africa with the Peace Corps in the mid-90’s. Aaron is a graduate of the Executive MBA program at the University of Washington and enjoys climbing in the Cascades with his friends and family.

Sam Lai, Executive Vice President of G2B Holdings:

Sam is a co-founder and Partner of G2B Holdings. He has ten years of experience in real estate appraisal, discounted property acquisition, existing building rehab, new construction management, implementation of green building methods & materials and real estate portfolio management in the Seattle residential market area. As a certified appraiser for HomeStreet Bank, Golf Savings Bank, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan/Chase Bank and others he personally completed over 3,000 real estate appraisal assignments in the greater Seattle market area and successfully built an appraisal company on the strength of credible property valuation. As a developer and investor he developed new construction residential projects, acquired discounted properties, managed properties as rentals and sold for profit. His most recent project is a Five Star, “Built-Green” home in the Seattle city core which recycles rainwater for laundry, toilets and irrigation featured in Feb 2009 Seattle Metropolitan Magazine.

Sonja Gustafson, LEED AP, Marketing Manager of G2B Holdings:

Sonja is a marketing veteran of 20 years. Cutting her marketing teeth in the go-go days at Microsoft, Sonja was deeply involved in creating and opening up the new markets of multimedia software, including product management for Microsoft Encarta, Microsoft Bookshelf, and Multimedia Beethoven. She then moved on to a small skunk works project exploring the internal uses of a new phenomenon called the World Wide Web, and helped bring the first version of the corporate intranet MSWeb to the desktops of employees worldwide. Sonja has since immersed herself in the local non-profit scene by taking grantor oversight roles at Social Venture Partners, allowing her get a closer look at some of Seattle’s leading environmental organizations, including Climate Solutions, Resource Media, and Sightline. Sonja has an MBA from the University of Washington, and to burnish her green credentials recently completed the 9-month Sustainable Building Advisory certification course created by the National Sustainable Building Advisory Program (NaSBAP). She recently returned from a family sabbatical in Guatemala, and now speaks 4 languages.

Canuche Terranella, Director of Operations of G2B Holdings:

Canuche is working through an MBA at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute that focuses on sustainable business. Recently, he worked with General Biodiesel in Seattle to develop a sustainability plan, to propose a residential waste oil collection program and to model the logistics of supply and product delivery to their new South Seattle Biodiesel Refinery. Canuche began his career doing environmental consulting with Kleinfelder International before finding a passion for teaching. Through 7 years of teaching chemistry Canuche developed a combination of leadership experiences with youth and adults, a complex, pragmatic understanding of environmental science and developed an aptitude for translating hard science to the masses. Before coming to Seattle Canuche managed an apicultural education program in Paraguay with the Peace Corps and managed multiple off-the-grid construction projects on the Alaskan tundra.


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